100% Natural. Calms sensitive skin. Inspired by love.

'Coraline' is a range of organic soaps made using our own unique blend of moisture rich oils and essential oils, which we created for our baby daughter when her skin reacted to many of the shop-bought 'natural' cosmetic products we used.

We searched for truly natural chemical-free products and couldn't find any, so we decided to create our own.​


We have created the most natural and organic soap possible. It has been formulated for sensitive and troubled skin but will produce incredible results for anyone who uses it.

Washing with harsh, chemical based liquid soaps and bars damages the upper layer (epidermis) of the skin, and it can lose its ability to regulate its own moisture. This can make your skin flaky, itchy and inflamed.  Over time, if it is scratched and aggravated, it can become chronic and very hard to manage.


Since we started this journey, we have heard from many people who have persistent skin conditions or their child does.   


We are so passionate about trying to help every single person we can who has any kind of skin condition, from eczema to dry hands. 


We handcraft our soap in small batches and use only the finest organic ingredients including our own organic and wild essential oils to ensure absolute purity.

We have yet to find a soap elsewhere which delivers such great results on our daughter's delicate skin, which is always our benchmark.


'Small Steps' make a huge difference.

We love what we do, and are passionate in trying to help make a difference to people's lives with a 50p contribution for every bar of soap that we sell to Small Steps.

Small Steps help to provide ongoing physio support for any child with additional physical needs, who typically tend to take a little longer to get up and walk or dance.