Customer Testimonials

Our values and standards drive us in our mission to provide a unique range of the most natural organic soap, which delivers the highest quality experience for every customer, every single time.

We are very proud of this ethos, and every single aspect is carefully considered and checked before it ever leaves our hands.

When we receive feedback from our happy customers, we are so grateful and thankful  


Below are some of the examples of the feedback we have received.

Loving the soaps, have tried four up to now. My skin is really feeling the benefits, no more itching or blistering. Skin feels silky to touch would definitely recommend.

Diane H - June 2020

Absolutely over the moon with this order.  My son suffers with really dry skin and has had big flare-ups over the last few months, all over his body.  I ordered the 'As Nature Intended' and have used both soaps as a body and hair wash. We have seen such an improvement (really wish i took a before picture to show you all) and he is itching less. His skin looks a lot less sore and dry in such a short time

Sami S - May 2020

Great products - the best shower I have had in years!  My skin is so silky. 

My hair also feels amazing - I am really surprised that a bar of soap would leave my hair like this.It feels light, soft, shiny and full of volume.  10 out of 10.

Tamara B - May 2020

My wife definitely likes the soap.  She rarely makes her likes known, so the soap must be brilliant.

Dieudonné B - May 2020

I was so excited to receive the soaps - I tried the peppermint and lemon immediately, even on my hair!  It is just perfect.  My skin is smooth and my hair has returned to the way it should be - natural.

Congratulations - you are making an incredible job.  It is a great success.

Jo S - May 2020

Just got my 2nd delivery of these soaps. Totally addictive. My mum taught me the benefits of olive oil on your skin for years. My husband often went to use it to cook and I had it in the bathroom. Since this soap I haven't had to use olive oil after a shower, I just use this delicious smelling soap to clean my skin and then it's already feeling soft and smooth. Such a beautiful product and a delight to use. Can't get enough of it. 

Lisa W - May 2020


My wife has been using the soap since it’s arrival and she wanted me to let you know how wonderful it is. She has had a patch of dry skin on her arm for some time but, within a few days of using your lavender, it has now gone.  She now wants our son to start using it, to treat his long term eczema. We will definitely be ordering more. Congratulations on a fantastic product.

Terry B - April 2020

I feel that I have to message you everytime I wash my hair with your 'Minty Fresh' soap bar because it looks so amazing - I don't care if that is vain as I have waited my whole life for my hair to look this good.

Jo H - April 2020


I wanted to let you know how much we love the soap. Even though we have both been endlessly washing our hands, our skin isn’t getting dry.  I was going through tube after tube of hand cream before we got your soap. Now we don’t need any.

Stephen P – March 2020


The soaps are class – I suffer from dry skin so I use cocoa butter daily.  Since I started using your soaps, my skin is soooo much more soft and feels hydrated.  Very pleased with the one I am using currently.  Cinnamon,Oat and Almond.

Leon D – March 2020

I tried the lavender bar and it is divine! Really nourishing, my skin felt instantly moisturised, a blessing for me as my hands dry out terribly with washing hands so often during the day. Thank you! Highly recommend!

Alicia K - March 2020

I can thoroughly recommend the Coraleen soap 💕Really impressed with my lavender soap ... lathers well- leaves the skin moisturised and soft.  My small granddaughter now knows that soap comes in bars!!

Anne J - March 2020

Used the soap last night! Thought I’d start with a full exfoliation, gin and juice. Smelt amazing, and made me want a gin!  Was really impressed with how much it lathered up too. I have used a few natural soaps and that was always a problem. My skin felt great afterwards and I even washed my hair! No fluffy hair after which is always a bonus! Very impressed!

Sarah had a go on it too and was equally impressed, she said it was invigorating and very pleased with how her skin felt after! Good work!

Michael G - March 2020


Absolutely LOVE the soaps so far. They’ve worked very well for the boys and Josephs' skin in particular seems to be doing well. Very much enjoying the mint and charcoal one too. Lovely fresh subtle scent, not at all drying or squeaking like other soaps I’ve used, in fact my skin has felt lovely and soft, with no need for a moisturiser after a shower. 

Claire S - February 2020