Ingredients we avoid

We have highlighted a few ingredients below which we would never include in our soaps.  It is by no means the full list, but we found  these ingredients in products which market themselves as organic and natural 

Synthetic Chemicals

Disodium EDTA is a stabiliser chemical, and helps to create lather in soap. It doesn’t absorb into the skin itself but it disrupts the surface of the skin cells so that other chemicals in the product can get into your system more easily.  That is great for the good elements that benefit your skin, but can be damaging when synthetic chemicals are also in the product.


Tetrasodium Etidronate is a chemical which is added to soap to reduce soap scum.  It is particularly damaging for anyone with a skin condition such as eczema and we do not feel it has any place in skincare. 


Benzyl Benzoate is a form of alcohol and is sometimes produced as a natural constituent in certain essential oils.  It is also produced synthetically and added to some essential oils to help make them go further, and can help to blend other scents more easily.  In synthetic form it does your skin no good.  It is impossible to know if it is natural or synthetic in many cases without research.

Cheap Fats and Oils

Not all oils are created equally, and it is easy to state that you are using olive oil, but you do not have to state that it is pomace olive oil and has been extracted and refined using hexane once the extra virgin and virgin oils have already been extracted.


Hexane is a solvent derived from petroleum and crude oil!  In addition, high heat is used which removes any anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory benefits. We feel that it goes without saying that you should not want that anywhere near your skin as they certainly do not benefit you in any way.


We are proud to use first press extra virgin organic olive oil from Spain which has an acidity level under 0.2%.

Palm Oil

Palm oil is a hot topic at the moment due to the mass deforestation of rainforests to plant palm trees, which has had huge implications and consequences for the environment and wildlife.  


Many skincare (and food) brands have switched to ‘sustainable’ palm oil but based on research we have conducted we are still not convinced this is really resolving the issue.


We have also found palm oil to be drying to the skin, so we prefer not to use it in our products.