Coraleen Organic Soap and Skincare - Our Journey

We launched Coraleen Skincare in February 2020. It is our gift to our daughter Coraline (pronounced Coraleen) who is the inspiration for our soap and skincare.

We hope you will find our soap as beautiful as our little Coraline, who was born in 2017 and was diagnosed with Down Syndrome and two holes in her heart at birth. In the early days, it was important that Coraline stayed well with regard to her overall health; as any illness could have been made more serious due to her heart condition.

We immediately noticed that Coraline's skin reacted badly to many cosmetic products such as shampoo or soap, which claimed to be natural but often contained synthetic elements. This focused our minds on ensuring that we used only the purest products on her skin. Kevin had been making soap in his spare time and we both loved it, so we started to use it for Coraline and everything changed for the better.

Our goal to create 'Coraleen' Skincare has taken over two years to turn from a dream into reality. We are just beginning this journey. It is so exciting for us to continually develop new ideas and everyday is a learning day.

We have always loved being in nature and share a holistic view of health and wellbeing, and we have created our range of soap using the finest ingredients, which are completely natural and organic, and in many cases they also contain different essential or infused oils which we make ourselves using wild herbs and botanicals.

We feel that children and adults alike can be nourished from the purity of this skincare.

Kevin worked as a chef in high-end restaurants and hotels around the world for over fifteen years and it is his approach and philosophy in ingredient-led simplicity that underpins everything that we do here.

Liz worked in international cultural relations and education at the British Council for over ten years and is also passionate about ensuring that we look after our body and mind.

Liz writes an award-winning blog about our life, lessons and learnings with Coraline.

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