Rosy Radiance is the most incredibly uplifting and natural experience for your skin, and for your senses.  A rosy smell that will transport you to an English country garden , it will lift your spirits everytime you smell it, and the luxurious and velvety feel on your skin will turn your shower into wondrous experience.. It gently and beautifully lifts your mood and calms you from the moment you open the box.  


Our unique blend of certified organic extra virgin, moisture rich oils and butters, which deeply repair and moisturise your skin day after day, are paired with Organic Rose Geranium essential oil, steam distilled by our friends 'Like Mountains' in South Africa.


Our medium term goal is to produce all of our own organic essential oils, but in the short-term, we are so proud to work together with this small community based project, who help to train local women to farm and to eventually be able to grow and sell their own oils.  


Ideal for – All skin types including sensitive skin.


Approved for use from three months of age.


Soap texture – Velvety smooth.


Key Benefits:


• Gentle on all skin types. Helps to moisturise and repair sensitive and damaged skin.


• Beautiful floral rose scent, which is known to be a powerful scent for anxiety – worries will fade away in the shower or bath.


• Helps to unclog skin pores to cleanse deeply.


• Full of powerful anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial qualities.


• Rose geranium essential oil has been shown to possess some anti-ageing properties.

Rosy Radiance - Organic Rose Geranium Soap Bar

  • Extra virgin olive oil**, extra virgin coconut oil**, shea butter**, castor oil**, almond oil**,  rose geranium essential oil**, pink kaolin clay*, sodium hydroxide (eliminated during soap making process to create natural glycerin)

    **Organic Ingredients

    * Naturally occurring ingredient