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We love what we do, and are passionate in trying to help make a difference to people's lives with a 50p contribution for every bar of soap that we sell to Small Steps.

Small Steps help to provide ongoing physio support for any child with additional physical needs, who typically tend to take a little longer to get up and walk or dance.

Small Steps is a cause that is close to our hearts as they help to provide ongoing physio support to our daughter Coraline, and for any child with additional physical needs, and they do so without any charge which makes the world of difference to the children and their family.


Most of us take mobility for granted. Small Steps provide early intervention to those who need a little helping hand (or foot) .

We love the fact that a child graduates from their weekly sessions once they are up and walking. 


Coraline is simply our beautiful little girl and was always an inspiration for us to ensure that we used the best possible soap and skincare for her skin, so it is great that we are able to give a little back through this.