organic essential


Why we make our own essential oils

When we first started making soap we bought 

essential oils, and we learnt that sometimes

chemical solvents are used to extract and maximise the oil volumes. We could not find any information listed on the bottles to know if they did or didn’t. 

The low price of many of the oils seemed too good to be true (there are many fakes in the marketplace which are synthetically made) and we were just not comfortable with this. 


Most commercially produced essential oils are heated for a very long time in order to extract the absolute maximum quantity.  By using steam over a long period, many of the therapeutic benefits are reduced or even completely eliminated.  


We wanted to manage our entire process so we could be certain of exactly what goes into our soap, and to ensure the maximum therapeutic benefits were retained.

We invested in a cutting edge ‘Green Technology’ hydro distillation extraction system to be able to produce our own essential oils (we currently make 50% of our essential oils).

We salvage juiced organic orange and lemon skins collected from The Juice Executive' for our citrus essential oils and work with trusted organic partners for dried Lavender from Provence, and Juniper Berries from Poland.

Our goal is to produce 100% of our own organic or wild foraged essential oils by the end of 2020 - we await the Spring and Summer with excitement, and have been speaking with organic local growers to provide us with different flowers and herbs.


Expect to see Douglas fir pine, bay laurel, rosemary, peppermint and many more from summer 2020.

All of our essential oils have been independently assessed by a certified chemist, and passed as 100% pure and safe for use in our soap.​


We use three other organic essential oils we do not yet make ourselves (lemon, cinnamon and peppermint).  These have been certified as unadulterated and solvent-free.